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Standard Quad Column

These columns are created from quads of latex balloons in whatever colour combination you choose, and usually finished off with a larger latex or foil balloon on top.
The spiral effect is achieved by turning each quad a quarter turn before nesting them into the previous quad.
This picture shows the column without and with a light in the top balloon, this can be done to any latex balloon of 60cm diameter or greater.

Column with Foil Topper

The basic design of these columns is the same as in the above example, but these are finished off with a foil star balloon giving a completely different feel to the display

Square Column

The square column is achieved by layering the larger balloon quads with smaller quads.
This lines up the larger balloons and gives the impression of a square column as opposed to the spiral design which looks round.
This column is also different by the fact that the topper is made from modelling balloons

Different size balloons

By using 11" and 5" latex balloons you can achieve a completely different looking column.
The variations are almost endless, and each design can be customised to suit your theme and venue.
There are more column designs in the gallery section
Table Column

 The table column is a smaller version of the standard column, usually about 1 m to 1.25 m tall they come in as big a range of designs as the standard column. 
Any colour combination can be used together with the different types of balloons both foil and latex.
They come complete with a base frame for stability and will last for days.
Prices start at just £9.95, more details of table displays can be found under the Table Centre Pieces section.
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    Baby blue and white column with gumball topper. £50.00 each including delivery.

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    Red & White balloon column with Large red topper

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    Red & White balloon column with Large red topper

  • Black & Gold latex column
    with camera toppers

  • Quad spiral column with latex topper

    Silver, Blue, and Purple with purple topper

  • Pair of Columns

    Silver, Blue, and Purple with purple toppers

  • 125 cm tall table column

  • 1m tall table centre piece in gold and purple

  • Tapered column with balloon in balloon topper

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